‘The Flower Lady’ Leaves a Meaningful Legacy

From milking cows as a child, to helping her family farm chickens, and then, later, finding a passion for gardening and flowers, Isabel Webster’s life was one that will always be remembered by those who knew her. And now, thanks to her decision to make a gift in her Will of $1,025,128 to the Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Foundation, her impact will continue to be felt for years to come.

Isabel expressed her desire of how she wanted her estate to be used. “She wanted it to go to a worthy cause; one that would make good use of it,” recalled Effie Rempel, Isabel’s cousin and co-executor of her estate. “She was extremely particular,” commented George, Effie’s husband, “and wanted things just right.” He recalled having to dig up some of the 500 gladiola bulbs he had planted to replant them one-quarter inch deeper, since they weren’t up to Isabel’s standard. “So I can say it was with a lot of thought and trust that she made this donation,” he added.

Isabel’s gift will be used to create the Isabel Webster Endowment Fund, from which funds will support the Cardiovascular Surgery Program at the Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre. She was keen to leave a donation to the city where she spent her entire life, to fund a program that could continue to care for people.