St. Joseph’s Clients Are “The Reason We’re Here”

Our residents don’t live in our workplace….we work in their home!

People helping and caring for people is at the heart of services at St. Joseph’s Care Group.  Staff understand that they aren’t just our clients they are someone’s husband, wife, friend and loved one….they are the reason we are here.

This tradition of care started in 1884 when the Sisters of St. Joseph arrived in Prince Arthur’s Landing. They came to educate the children, but soon found there was tremendous need to provide care for the sick and injured. People paid what they could, but creative as they were the Sisters started asking the railway workers to prepay the care they needed, this became the first prepaid healthcare. The funds help build the first St. Joseph’s Hospital.

Since 1983, St. Joseph’s Foundation has been fundraising to ensure the services St. Joseph’s Care Group provides will continue long into the future.  I hope you will consider joining the many donors who have provided the financial support to ensure the legacy continues.