November is Make a Will Month

November is Make a Will Month in Ontario, a month dedicated to raising awareness of the importance of having a will in place.

10 Reasons WHY You Should Have a Will:

  1. YOU can choose who of your loved ones will receive your property and/or sentimental belongings after you pass.
  2. YOU can decide which charity/charities
  3. YOU can choose the person(s) that you trust most to manage your estate.
  4. YOU may be able to offset estate taxes.
  5. YOU can have control of your assets after your passing.
  6. YOU can name a guardian(s) to care for your minor children.
  7. YOU can decide when minor children/grandchildren will receive their inheritance and for what.
  8. YOUR Executor can avoid a lengthy probate process.
  9. YOU can indicate your final wishes pertaining funeral, cremation etc.
  10. Having a Will helps to make the administration of your estate much easier for your loved ones and can avoid family disputes.

When Should I Make A Will?

  • You recently got married or remarried
  • You are currently in a common-law marriage
  • You recently went through a common-law separation or divorce
  • You have assets such as property or vehicles
  • You have a child(ren) and/or other dependents
  • You own valuable heirlooms such as art or jewelry
  • You have assets that as a result of your death may cause tension among surviving family
  • You own a business or investments
  • You have a cause that really matters to you that you wish to donate to