$1M Distributed to Deserving Students & Organizations

The Thunder Bay Community Foundation is ecstatic to announce that over $1,000,000 was distributed to deserving students and organizations in 2020!

During 2020, the world faced great uncertainties due to the global pandemic. The Thunder Bay Community Foundation aimed to help individuals and organizations during this tough time. We were able to distribute over $1,000,000 to approximately 80 organizations and 30 students.

This support is possible because of our generous donors and community who have chosen to give to and through the Thunder Bay Community Foundation.

“2020 has been a year of both great challenges and more importantly great successes for our Thunder Bay Community Foundation. In a year almost overshadowed by the pandemic, our foundation has managed to find new ways to reach out to the community. We have played a crucial, leadership role in the distribution of half million dollars in federal grants to not-for-profit agencies in our region. In our core business, we have distributed another half million dollars in grants, bursaries and scholarships” – Colin Bruce, President at the Thunder Bay Community Foundation

With the 2021 student scholarship application period quickly approaching, the Thunder Bay Community Foundation is thrilled to begin distributions for 2021.