Make Your Will

Make A Will

CheckboxCreate a list of all property, assets and valuables

  • including bank accounts and investments

CheckboxDetermine who will be beneficiaries of your Estate

  • family
  • friends / loved ones
  • charities

CheckboxSpeak to family and friends about your decisions

  • who will be Executor
  • who will be Power of Care
  • who will be Power of Attorney
  • who will take care of minor children

Checkboxspeak to your Financial Advisor

  • discuss any tax concerns or estate transfer fees (ie: family cottage) and ways to offset taxes

Checkboxvisit your lawyer to make your Will

Talk with your family and friends about your Will. It is highly recommended that every donor speak to one or more professional advisors before making a Legacy Gift. Contact the charity to let them know of your gift so that they can demonstrate their appreciation in your lifetime.
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